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You could soon be using as your website and email address and

Use as your main website address or forward to your existing website.

Use as your email address.

Benefits of owning

Instantly promotes you as local to the area.
Local prestige in one of the richest wards in the country.
Simple and easy brand to promote yourself with.
Head to the top of Google searches for your keywords.
Great for viral and word-of-mouth marketing.
Stand out from your competitors with increased trust and credibility.
Stop your competitors using it.
The Ecclesall location is widely known by ½ million+ people in Sheffield and beyond.
The Ecclesall electoral ward includes Bents Green, Ecclesall, Greystones, Millhouses and Ringinglow.
Large amount of passers-by to sell to walking and driving down Ecclesall Road.

people in Sheffield and nearby who know the Ecclesall name.

vehicles per day pass through Ecclesall Road South (probably more on Ecclesall Road)

businesses, restaurants and shops on Ecclesall Road pull in the shoppers

Hallam Constituency is the second wealthiest place in real terms in the country.

Ecclesall ward is in the richest 4% of the whole country

Ecclesall Road and South is 3.6 miles long of shops, offices, pubs, restaurants, cafes and houses.

Using as your website address

People would type in “” into their internet browser to go to your website.

  • Use it for your business or ecommerce website to promote and sell your products and services.
  • Use it as your main website address or forward visitors to your current website instead.
  • Use it for your personal or business blog.
  • Use it for your community website.
  • Use it as your personal website for sharing information and photos.
  • Use unlimited sub-domains eg,, etc

Using as your email address

People would type in your new email address using the domain name into their email software and the email would be sent to you to respond to. You can also send email out which used the domain name.

eg,,,, or any other email ending in

Set up as many email addresses as you want such as one for everyone in the organisation plus other generic ones.

Using in your offline branding

Use your new personalised website address and email addresses on your newspaper, radio and TV advertising; leaflets; business cards and over the phone.



More professional

More prestige

More trustworthy

Increased online and offline credibility

Better search engine ranking

Good for viral marketing

Easier for clients

Instant familiarity

Prevent competitors using it

Future proof your company

More memorable (for word-of-mouth)

Better for physical marketing

Demonstrates business success

Self-explanatory marketing

Compete with multinationals

Protect your reputation

Protect your Identity and Name

Demonstrate you are local and relevant

Start a new business now or later

Yours forever

Good investment

Increased direct traffic

Not restrained by your Internet Provider

Unlimited email addresses

Local association is available for sale through Infinite Innovations Ltd, a company that has been trading for over 20 years and has a physical presence in Sheffield in the UK. We are happy to discuss the transfer process over a landline phone if you want to know more about how it works.

The transfer of the domain name will happen as soon as funds are cleared through a bank, solicitor or escrow service (any extra fees would be paid by the purchaser). The transfer process normally takes a couple of days to fully go through and involves some email confirmations to be sent and approved. A receipt would be issued for the purchase. In the event that any payment is cancelled then the ownership of the domain name would revert to the original owner.


The registration rights to the domain name would be transferred to a business or personal name of your choosing after the sale. You would still need to host the domain name with a hosting company which allows your website and email addresses to work. You would also need to pay a domain name registrar to transfer the domain name to, if not free, and renew it when the registration period comes to an end but should be able to do this forever as long as you pay the registrar each time. Typically renewing domain names costs between £5 and £10 per year.